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Corporate Profile

Corporate Name
October 22, 1962
Business Activities
    Manufacturing and sale of tack labels, manufacturing and sale of labeling machines, manufacturing and sales of stickers (screen printing and offset printing), printing and processing of packaging materials, manufacturing, and sale of compact printing presses, manufacturing and sale of other equipment related to packaging
100,000,000 yen (as of September 30, 2021)
  • Chairperson & CEOMasato Iwata
  • PresidentMasahiro Mori
  • DirectorToshimasa Taga
  • DirectorAkiyoshi Andou
  • Supervisory Board MemberSatoshi Hanya
208 (as of September 30, 2021)

Corporate History


1960 - 1969

October 1962
Iwata-Jitsugyo is established as a limited liability company
February 1966
Company is reorganized and renamed IWATA LABEL CO., LTD.
February 1966
Head plant (now Aichi Plant) is completed

1970 - 1979

October 1971
GALLUS Q33A-type printing machine is introduced
March 1972
Research and development into color photograph labels is started
June 1972
Iwata Label is approved for small-and-medium-sized business technology aid by the Nagoya Trade and Industry Bureau
October 1973
Tokyo Sales Office is opened
December 1973
Iwata Label succeeds in the development of color photograph labels
January 1974
Plate-making system is introduced and integrated in-house production system is established
March 1974
Presentation of color photograph labels research results
October 1976
Technical exchange with a European label company is started
March 1977
Computer-based management system is launched
October 1977
Iwata Label becomes a distributor of the Swiss company Guhl+Scheibler (now known as HM Collamat AG) in Japan, and commences the manufacturing and sale of the GMP labelling system.
October 1977
Iwata Label becomes a member of the International Federation of Manufacturers and Converters of Pressure-sensitive and Heat Seal Materials on Paper and Other Base Materials (FINAT)
January 1978
Iwata Label joins the Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association
May 1978
UV inking system is introduced

1980 - 1989

April 1980
Osaka Sales Office is opened
May 1983
Head plant compliant with GMP (now Aichi Plant) is completed
October 1987
Iwata Label is designated as an investment target company by the Nagoya Small-and-Medium Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
August 1988
Headquarters building is completed

1990 - 1999

September 1991
Former President Mitsuru Iwata receives Printing Promotion Prize
October 1992
Creative room (label museum) is established
November 1994
Iwata Label wins Distinguished Award as part of the Chubu New Business Grand Prize
January 1997
Tochigi Plant is completed
November 1997
Toyama Branch Office (now Toyama Sales Office) is opened
November 1997
Iwata Label wins Study Center Prize Special Encouragement Award

2000 - 2009

November 2000
Iwata Label is registered for ISO9001 (JSAQ947) certification
October 2001
Iwata Label is registered for ISO14001 (JSAE421) certification
September 2002
Aichi Plant receives 1st Japan Federation of Printing Industries Good Environmental Plant Encouragement Award
January 2003
ISO9001 (JSAQ947) is updated to 2000 version
January 2004
Akita Sales Office is opened
March 2004
Certified as Aichi Quality Company for fiscal 2003
June 2004
Business innovation plan is approved
December 2004
Iwata Label receives a Made in Nagoya award for 2004
October 2005
ISO14001 (JSAE421) certification is updated to 2004 version
January 2007
Certification as Aichi Quality Company is renewed
October 2009
ISO9001 (JSAQ947) certification is updated to 2008 version

2010 -

January 2015
IWATA LABEL Europe GmbH is established
February 2016
Certification as Aichi Quality Company is renewed
January 2017
President Masato Iwata receives Best Manager Prize as part of 34th Nikkan Kogyou Shimbun Excellence in Management Awards
September 2020
Chairperson Masato Iwata receives Printing Achievement as part of 2020 Japan Federation of Printing Industries Awards