Iwata Green System is a recycling system in which we collect the base sheets (release paper) for tack labels we have delivered to customers, recycle them into paper towels, and have customers purchase the resulting product back from us.
With the importance of labelling having increased in recent years, the use of tack labels has steadily expanded, but the base sheets of these tack labels are usually disposed of as industrial waste, leading to opposition from environmentally conscious companies.
Iwata Label launched the Iwata Green System in 2000 to achieve a balance between the convenience of tack labels and the need to reduce industrial waste. Under the system, we enter into agreements with customers to collect their used release paper and later sell the paper towels and toilet paper produced in the recycling process back to the customers.

Pioneering and Unique Initiatives

As the base sheets (release paper) possess the diverse range of functionality required for tack labels, they can be difficult to recycle and are usually disposed of as industrial waste. However, through the Iwata Green System, the release paper is recycled with the help of current customers and paper-making companies. The materials are re-used as paper towels that are purchased back by the customers who sent the release paper.
Release paper is collected from customers on a monthly basis, helping them to reduce the amount of industrial waste generated.

Awareness-raising Effects

Iwata Label also uses paper towels produced through Iwata Green System in-house. Selling the towels in-house leads to increased awareness on the part of each employee. In addition to customers, the scheme is also supported by our suppliers, some of whom purchase paper towels and recycled toilet paper from us.