SOLUTIONS What is a Labeling System?

Leading the pharmaceutical labeling industry with unique ideas and technological prowess

Since successfully researching and developing color photographic labels in 1973, we have continued to take great strides as a pioneer of high-grade tack labels (pressure sensitive labels). In 1977, we entered the pharmaceutical label industry with GMP-compliant roll tack labels. In the early 1990s, we developed an LPE pack label equipped with light-shielding and shock-absorbing functions, establishing the position of labels as a functional packing materials in the pharmaceutical field. Later, we developed various labels offering high added value in medical settings, including a shrink tack label that heat shrinks around a container for sealing and tamper-proofing, and split labels to reduce medical errors by peeling off a section of a label for reapplication to a patient's medical chart. Moving forward, Iwata Label will continue to promote research and development devoted to the pharmaceutical field and make broad contributions to society through its unique label business.


Customer-first solutions are a product of our high level of expertise

Iwata Label is in involved with every facet of labels and labeling, from label planning, printing and processing to the planning, design, assembly and calibration of tack labelers (labeling machines) and after sales services. In the 1980s, we introduced what were then world-first technologies and achieved dramatic improvements in the application speed of labeling machines. Since contributing to the full automation of labeling, we have consistently reduced the workload taken on by customers and delivered comprehensive labeling systems in terms of both labeling machines and the labels themselves. Today, we field a wide range of requests and issues from those working on the front lines of medical practice representing the main end users of labels, and we happily implement the solutions we propose to address their feedback. As a partner company in the field of pharmaceuticals, Iwata Label provides reliable labeling systems that truly benefit our customers.


Order-made systems to satisfy customer needs to a high degree of precision

All of the labeling machines supplied by Iwata Label are custom built to deliver the accurate, speedy labeling and packaging performance desired by each customer. How we can faithfully realize customer demands often relies on the skills of our design engineers, and we pursue these challenges with a firm technological focus. This also serves as the basis of our proactive sales activities and forms the foundation of our business, which involves exploring niche fields to great depth in expert style.