SOLUTIONS Production Process Chart

Production process of labels and labeling machines that delivers safety and security

At Iwata Label, we offer consistent quality not only through label planning and processing, but in the planning, design, assembly and calibration of labeling machines, as well as after sales services.
The solid technological capabilities we have cultivated over many years have allowed us to expertly pursue niche areas in greater depth.

SOLUTION The Label Production Process

picture main
  • 01 Inquiry
  • 02 Design
  • 03 Proof
  • 04 Order Entry
  • 05 Plate Making
  • 06 Printing
  • 07 Finishing/
  • 08 Packaging
  • 09 Shipping

Plate Making

Once label design is approved by the customer, the final design is arranged in printing imposition. From the imposition, labeling plates are made which suite each printing machine.



Whether in Japan or overseas, we make use of the latest equipment and technologies to deliver high-quality labels in a timely fashion.



Once labels have been printed, they undergo various processing based on customer specifications. We implement ±0 quantity control and image inspection on every piece.



We control quality using a system of check sheets during every process from order receipt to delivery. Shipping inspections that meet the stringent standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP) are carried out.


SOLUTION Labeling Machine Production Process

picture main
  • 01 Inquiry
  • 02 Planning
  • 03 Order Entry
  • 04 Design
  • 05 Fabrication
  • 06 Assembly/
  • 07 Inspection
  • 08 Shipping

Planning and Design

Dedicated staff propose an optimum plan that considers both the labels and labeling machines. We meet customer needs with a labeling system that is unique to Iwata Label.



Assembly and calibration are the processes requiring the most precision. Our dedicated staff work to ensure that the system can continually deliver high performance in the best condition.